Saturday, February 16, 2008

McAvoy Astounds Me

This 28yearold, 5'7" star is wonderful. I saw him in "Atonement", and completely fell in love. He left me severely unhinged. Not because I thought he was gorgeous (although he does have a very captivating look, but not traditionally beautiful in the least), but because he can truly act. Not just play a part, he is the part, and he forces you to become involved and connected to him personally. It amazes me. He has been in a few flicks, but as I said before, "Atonement" was what made me admire him. Last night I watched "Becoming Jane" for the first time. I was not very much impressed, which kind of saddened me. It was very similar to the classically written and produced "Pride and Prejudice" and I felt like I was watching a version that had not-as-happy-of-an-ending. Yes Jane Austen wrote the novel, but if you have read the book and have seen the movie, this movie of Jane Austen's "suspected" and "theorized" love life, is all too familiar. Nonetheless, McAvoy was the movies' saving grace. I kept thinking those eyes, those enchanting, interesting eyes...where have I seen them before? Guess what? I figured out where... Mr. McAvoy and the famous Mr. Tumnus are one in the same! How perfect is that? He just keeps getting better and better in my book.


Jump said...

I'd already fallen in love with Mr. Tumnus.

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The one I gave you was our Haiti update blog, I just made one for myself today.

K said...

I've decided you can have Dan. I get McAvoy. He is amazing I agree. I loved him in becoming Jane. My mom used to make fun of me for having a crush on Mr. Tumnus. So have fun with Dan!

Jenni said...

Wait, Kristen, he's mine!! haha. I do think he's traditionally gorgeous. Well, okay, MY traditionally. I thought he deserved an Oscar nod for Atonement. Knightly, not so much, but him, definitely!