Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh How I Love Halloween...

It has been far too long since I have blogged, and I am going to attempt to change that. I JUST got back from France, and I fell in love. Paris is incredible. More blogging on that to come very soon when my millions of pictures are done uploading! 

It is HALLOWEEN!! For those who do not know me, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays by far. I don't know the full extent of the intrigue, but Halloween is extremely enjoyable for me. My grandparents used to go all-out when I was younger: a witch in the basement with spooky music (that my cousin and I swore was real), a vari
ety of games and prizes to win, a fortune teller in the backyard that blindfolded us and forced us to reach into a bowl of organs (or so we thought they were), and EVERYONE had to dress up (that included the "adults"). I have no doubt that this plays a LARGE part in my love for Halloween. So to those reading this that have children, keep in mind that you are making memories for your kids (and trust me, they remember).

Halloween allows us to play a part outside of our normal role in life, and something about that is fantastic. We get to escape the monotony of the day-to-day routine, and dress up however we choose. My plan was to go as Alice Cullen fro
m the Twilight series (aka: a vampire), but seeing as I am still thoroughly exhausted, I don't see myself going out tonight. Below is who I planned on dressing up as...

What are you all going as for Halloween? Does anyone share in my obsession with Halloween? Well, regardless of your stance on Halloween, I wish you all a very wonderful night!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I apologize to my 2 readers who actually read my blog and to the others who might on occasion. I honestly have missed blogging, but have had zero time for it. Work is slowly taking over my life. Right now, I like it, but I feel it might get old soon. Concert this weekend: Wynton Marsallis, 9 time Grammy Award winner. Should be a good time. 

Onto my post, for whatever reason, this has come up a lot in conversation, so why not blog about it?

Who do you think you look like? Who do people say you look like? 

My list of what people have said is long (and ridiculous), but it is kind of fun to laugh about...

- Britney Spears (way back when)
- Christina Aguilera (no idea)
- Carmen Electra (...)
- Rachel McAdams (I wish)
- Rachel Weisz (again, I wish)
- Emmy Rossum (still wishing...)
- Leighton Meester (aka "Blair" on Gossip Girl)
- Ashanti (a "white" version, um, yeah)
- Tina Fey (ok...)
- Mandy Moore (the ever popular favorite)
- Alexis Bledel (hm)

Those are all that I can recall at this moment. Thoughts? Who do YOU look like? I personally think a whole lot like, well me:) I am very ok with that!