Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Derby Perfect

orlando bloom miranda kerr derby 12orlando bloom miranda kerr derby 04

If I were to attend the Kentucky Derby, I would want to wear something like this!

How incredible is her outfit?

Shopping For Good

I ordered this and can't wait until I get it! May is MS awareness month!!!

The Hills...They get along?

The Hills Cover Shoot: COVER Photo

Is it me, or does Heidi just look out of place?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some Things Only Happen Once

A modern musical that should not be missed. I bought the movie and soundtrack this weekend. Be prepared for raw, real music and emotion. This is not the typical over-the-top showiness of most musicals. While music is the basis of this movie, the people do not exactly randomly burst into song without explanation, it is much more believable than most musicals (not to say that I don't LOVE musicals and all of their wonderfulness). Well worth the time and money if you ask me.

Looking at Things Differently...

Invitations printed on actual maple leaves....how wonderful is that?

The Eco Invitation Guide: Beyond Paper

This example has a poem printed on it. So fresh and such an amazing idea!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh Porter...

I have said it before and I will say it again.... Tracy Porter has it all...

Luck be a ladyA Festive and Flirty RingDancing Until Dawn: Turquoise Sandals

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Kills - Sour Cherry

LOOOOOVE this song!!!! Thanks GG:)

The Music of My Night

Too bad they don't flash their personal numbers across the screen....

He was my favorite before, and he just jumped even farther ahead if you ask me!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Power of Thought

A few weeks ago I blogged about my personality test that I took at work. I thought I would share some more information I forgot to blog about previously:

-According to a study done at Harvard, on average a person has 50,000 thoughts a day (can you imagine?)
- Sadly, 80% of those thoughts are negative

Have you ever realized that when someone says something like, "Don't think about the white rabbit", it is practically impossible to get that white rabbit out of your head (must have been Alice's problem)? This translates into how you should treat people, and more so, how you should raise your children (many years away for some of us). You tell a kid not to drop something, odds are, they will drop it. It is all about presentation of thought. Instead, encourage the children to hold on to whatever it is you are afraid they might drop. Make it positive. It all really makes sense when you think about it...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hayden Panettiere Sexual Harassment PSA

She is great. This is funny.

Pretty Bell

kristen bell forgetting sarah marshall premiere 05

Love her. Love her dress.

A Fortune

"You will have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life." -Fortune Cookie

This got me thinking, as these silly, yet wonderful, fortunes tend to do. Our capacity for enjoyment is in no way pre-determined. We pick what we enjoy. We get to decide the level and amount of enjoyment in our lives. It is pretty remarkable really. I think sometimes we forget this and deem it small, and insignificant, sometimes ignoring it altogether. This is not a way to deal or not deal as the case may be. See, if we forget that ultimately we are in control of our enjoyment, and there within our happiness, then it is our own fault when we are not happy. That is not how our society works. It is better when we can blame others. Always better when we aren't the cause of our unhappiness. Because, if we are the cause, then we have the ability to fix the issue at hand. That is a pretty terrifying fact, because it means we might fail, but it is also incredibly empowering! I choose happiness. Occasionally, there will be times that get me down, but how I deal with those times, that is within my power. Many people have commented on my slightly sunny demeanor, and my thoughts are: why don't more people choose happiness? What is your capacity of enjoyment? Do you fulfill it?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Unrequited Love

I read
John Mayer's blog today and it reminded me that I would like to write much more on my blog (not just post pictures which is the more convenient choice). Mr. Mayer had a wonderful entry from March 27th, that touched my heart in a sense. This made me think about how I would like to write and express much more on my own personal blog... possibly affecting someone in the way that Mr. Mayer's entry affected me. So on that note...

The definition for unrequited love is as follows:

Unrequited love is love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. The beloved may not even be aware of this person's deep feelings for them. This can lead to feelings such as depression, low self-esteemanxiety, and rapid mood swings between depression and euphoria. Being such a universal feeling, it has naturally been a frequent subject in popular culture.

Unrequited love has been a term that I have thought about ever since my interest in literature was sparked many years ago. It used to be a romantic notion that made me feel pity for those who were subjected to it. I could only ponder how terrible it would be if I were to be in that particular situation. The older I have grown, the more I doubt the possibility of unrequited love. To me, love is a mutual emotion, or passion if you will, that must first and foremost be shared in order for it to be true. If this is the case, there would be no possibility for unrequited love. So, perhaps there is no such thing. 

Perhaps one person is sure, and the other isn't. This could be true for any number of reasons: they are scared, immature, or just unsure of how to know without a doubt that this is that person for them. Although, this scenario would not be unrequited love. It would actually be requited, just an unknown requited love. Or perhaps, one person, for whatever reason (security, comfort, friendship) convinces themselves that they are in love, and therein convincing the other individual involved that they too are in love, when in reality, neither are in love. Fortunate couples recognize what is true, and honest, and pure, and they know whether this "love" that they share is true, or if it is some sort of facade. Others never realize or they realize much farther down the road, and then they part ways. Again, all this means that unrequited love can't exist. False feelings can lead to false relationships. Just as being afraid can prevent relationships from ever taking flight. It is a terrifying notion really, but one I feel is spot on. Concluding, in reality, unrequited love cannot exist unless we fashion a vision of it. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Oliver Hudson is so so cute. Loved him on Dawson's Creek. And his name is Oliver? How cute is that?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And today is...

Pretty Pretty Pretty

There is a good chance this woman will make my wedding dress one day (one VERY far off day!!)...

Aren't these amazing?


"The most important job for a man is to find a good woman." - Jake Gyllenhaal

Does anyone else absolutely love them?