Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Fortune

"You will have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life." -Fortune Cookie

This got me thinking, as these silly, yet wonderful, fortunes tend to do. Our capacity for enjoyment is in no way pre-determined. We pick what we enjoy. We get to decide the level and amount of enjoyment in our lives. It is pretty remarkable really. I think sometimes we forget this and deem it small, and insignificant, sometimes ignoring it altogether. This is not a way to deal or not deal as the case may be. See, if we forget that ultimately we are in control of our enjoyment, and there within our happiness, then it is our own fault when we are not happy. That is not how our society works. It is better when we can blame others. Always better when we aren't the cause of our unhappiness. Because, if we are the cause, then we have the ability to fix the issue at hand. That is a pretty terrifying fact, because it means we might fail, but it is also incredibly empowering! I choose happiness. Occasionally, there will be times that get me down, but how I deal with those times, that is within my power. Many people have commented on my slightly sunny demeanor, and my thoughts are: why don't more people choose happiness? What is your capacity of enjoyment? Do you fulfill it?

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