Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too Many Options...

Thoughts? Opinions? I am still trying to decide on a pair for Mary Elizabeth's wedding...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Between the Lines

The colors remind me of a city that is alive in so many ways.

Love this movement, isn't it incredible? 

This artwork is made by no other than my good friend, Jake Isenhour. He is truly an amazing talent. One of the best things about his work? It is completely up to your imagination. While his imagination dreamt it up and transformed thought into tangible form, your imagination is what finishes, or concludes the piece of art itself. Not only is he a wonderful person with a brilliant mind, he has a knack for intricate beauty and creating perceptions and worlds all on his own. I am always beyond pleasantly awed by his genius. 

His work is for sale, so if you are interested, please do let me know. 

Fortune Cookies

I am a sucker for fortune cookie are some I got the other day:

The problems of today will soon be buried by the sand of time.

Your ambitious nature will help you make a name for yourself.

Be careful! Straight trees often have crooked roots.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meet the REAL Alberta...

Lauren and Whitney soooo got gypped! 

Monday, March 24, 2008

Save Darfur

So I learned of this a couple of years ago, but a lot of people aren't aware. This is my opportunity to spread a tiny bit of awareness (even if it is to only a few people, possibly you will go on to tell someone else, and the information will continue to flow). There is genocide going on. GENOCIDE. Ridiculous and would be unbelievable if it weren't true. The genocide that we (my generation) find to be the most familiar is the Holocaust. 

genocide: noun, - the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. 

Darfur is currently experiencing just that.

We all should really try to be more educated about our world. Sometimes I disgust myself with how little I know. I try to keep up, especially on important issues. Sadly, this genocide has gained very little press time. Although we all know all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie...kind of makes me sick when I think about it. 

Royal Easter Show Opens in Australia

This is purely for Jenni... enjoy!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beauty To Me: Organic, Different, Unique

Kate Bosworth Marie Claire

In my opinion, Kate Bosworth is one of the most gorgeous women in this world. Mostly, I love her eyes. Hererochromia. I am guessing that most don't know what this is, and I (being a science freak), felt the need to share. 

Heterochromia is an eye condition in which one iris is a different color from the other, or where part of one iris is a different color from the remainder. Usually, a result of the relative excess or lack of pigment within an iris or part of an iris, which may be genetically inherited or due to mosaicism, or acquired by disease or injury. 

Interesting, right? At least I thought so. She has such a distinguished, awe-provoking look.

Oh Boy!

I have been watching all of the seasons (only 3) of Veronica Mars. I have discovered Mr. Chris Lowell.  Isn't he cute? It is probably just his character, "Piz", that I really am liking these days, but regardless, I wouldn't mind seeing him on something else. Apparently, he has most recently been on Private Practice, but I was not a I wouldn't know.

Opposing Cliches

Has anyone ever really thought about cliches? I like to use those wonderful sayings and phrases that we grew up hearing. Often times I have found that in our society, we use them as more as "facts" and points of "wisdom" to backup whatever it is we are saying at the current moment. Problem with that is, many of these sayings have an opposite saying that somewhat negate another. Example: "There is no time like the present" and "Time heals all wounds".  Any thoughts? While some might not be direct opposites, the ideas/meanings displayed are still opposing. 

Just Another Pretty Face?

"I like a girl who can be witty and give me shit back. That's a huge turn-on : if you can verbally spar." -Penn Badgley 

gossip girl gay 08

Who knew he would talk about me in public? (Ha!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

".... you have wrecked me. In the best possible way, you have wrecked me." - Pacey

Marvelous Margo

My cousin just had baby "Margo" a few weeks ago. They live in Ohio, and sadly I have yet to meet her. Isn't she adorable? Her brother, Charlie, has fair skin and white-blond hair. I love that they are so different! I can't wait to see her. New life is so precious. 

Welcome to the World, Margo. You will be loved more than you know!

IO Digital Cable Rap

I love dumb, annoying commercials. Ha. Share in my bliss!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I want...

chace crawford leighton meester 03

...her skirt, and just her wardrobe in general. Can't wait for new GG!

Perfect TV Couple

Lots of Pacey and Joey. They were and still are my favorite TV couple. Mostly because of how much I can relate. I am very much like the "Joey" character. I love their relationship.

LOVE: Pacey and Joey Stlye

Jenni posted this, but I feel it is worthy of a repost. Especially for those who read my blog, but do not read hers. Teen soaps sometimes say it best. This "speech" is the sweetest thing ever.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quote of the Day

"A man of quality is not threatened by a woman of equality." - anonymous 

*I have a quote book, so I am going to start sharing more.

Crush Alert

Sophia Bush & Stephen Colletti - Les Frères Scott

So I missed a lot of the last season of One Tree Hill. Does anyone have it on dvd? I know I should probably invest in it, but I would rather borrow, heehee! Last season, there was a lot of Mr Colletti. I have never been a huge fan (didn't dislike him, I was just sort of indifferent to him). He's back, and for some reason I am really liking him. Is it me, or is he cuter?

James McAvoy visits Uganda with British Red Cross

I am a big James McAvoy fan. He is a brilliant actor. I found this video to be informative and interesting.

Gossip Girl - Interview with Ed Westwick

I have had a crush on Mr. Ed Westwick for awhile (I don't mind his name is Ed at all!)....and when I hear him speak with his accent, it is a major plus. His character might not be pleasant from time to time, but there is something about him that just intrigues me.

V. Mars

Did you ever watch? I never had the WB/CW growing up (thank goodness I have it now, or I would be missing so much more!), so I didn't watch Veronica Mars when it was actually on TV. A dear friend, Miss Jenni, loaned me all 3 seasons, and I LOVE it! It is wonderful. Not only is photography involved (a huge plus), but she has amazing wit and sarcasm mixed with a little bitterness. She is gorgeous, smart and she is a private investigator in high school. Amazing stuff. I recommend. 


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visions of Weddings

I am a girl, and I can't help having ideas of what my wedding day will one day look like. While I know it is very far off (probably should find the guy first!), I can't help but still dream of "the day". I also love photography (getting ready to purchase a new, very expensive lens, and I am soooo excited about it!), and hope to one day (hopefully sooner than later) will have my own photography business. Needless to say, I love looking at others' photographs, especially when they are of the most important day of peoples' lives. Below are my favorite pictures from the brilliant Rebecca Thuss. Check her out, she is pretty incredible!

There are a lot of pictures, so be prepared to sit in awe.


I will most likely get married outside, with a trail of petals comparable to this! Isn't it gorgeous?


I like the flowers pinned on with the rings. I have never seen it done this way before. 


While I already have an idea of what my "favors" will be, if you have something that needs a bag, aren't these perfect?


Delicate and ruffly! Very exotic.


Also, if outside like I hope, I would so use this idea to display the place cards. 


These invitations are sweet and more modern than most. No clue what invitations will look like for mine (obviously), but I just liked these. I actually went with my best friend Mary Elizabeth today to place print order for her invites! 


Love this. I want my tables to look like this. Very romantic. 


Candy is a must. 


I love candy, how cool is this display? And the one below?



Beautiful cake. 


I absolutely adore this dress. It should be known that my dress will be a little crazy, but I will think it is beautiful, and that is what matters right??

If I ever get my forest wedding that I fantasize about, this cake would be soooo cool! I love how different it is. How many others would have a cake like this?


Ideal for a winter wedding!!


So simple and yet so magnificent. 


More candy. 

To those who aren't married, what do you plan for your wedding? For those who are married, what did you love most about your wedding (other than marrying the love of your life, of course)? Did you do something really different and innovative at your wedding?