Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Marvelous Margo

My cousin just had baby "Margo" a few weeks ago. They live in Ohio, and sadly I have yet to meet her. Isn't she adorable? Her brother, Charlie, has fair skin and white-blond hair. I love that they are so different! I can't wait to see her. New life is so precious. 

Welcome to the World, Margo. You will be loved more than you know!


K said...

the picture isn't showing up. :(
i'm sure she is beautiful, and i love that name. so different and so cute. i didn't even realize she was pregnant that time i saw you guys in wal-mart.

Jenni said...

Aw, man, I can't see the picture, either!!! Booo!!!

Mandy said...

oh no! let me try to get another pic.

Jenni said...

Aw!!!!!!!!!!! How precious!!!!!!!! What cheeks! The Margo name suits her--she looks very romantic! love!