Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

So I am in one of my best friends' and old roommates', Mary Elizabeth, wedding in June. I have to find some silver or gray shoes for the occasion. If you know me, I like things that are weird and unlike something someone else is likely to be wearing. I like to be different. I have been struggling picking a shoe. It is an outside event and I will be on my feet for quite some time.... let me know what you think of these. 

Christine Double V-Neck Dress
This is my dress. 

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

I like them all, but I need some other opinions!!
I really like these too!! Aren't they wonderful?


Jenni said...

The dress is LOVELY, just your color... It's great. I like the bottom shoes too! I'm a big fan of rounded toes, because they look vintage, but I can't tell really what those look like if that makes any sense. I mean, do they have that weird iridescent sheen? Like where they turn pink and weird colors in certain lights? I hate that about some silvers. Hmm...

K said...

i like options 1 & 3. they are still dressy but different enough that everyone else won't be wearing them. i love those dresses too. mary e did good.

melanie said...

ooooooo, i adore the last pair of flats! to be walking around with a little flower on our toes all the time...darling! -m-