Sunday, March 23, 2008

Opposing Cliches

Has anyone ever really thought about cliches? I like to use those wonderful sayings and phrases that we grew up hearing. Often times I have found that in our society, we use them as more as "facts" and points of "wisdom" to backup whatever it is we are saying at the current moment. Problem with that is, many of these sayings have an opposite saying that somewhat negate another. Example: "There is no time like the present" and "Time heals all wounds".  Any thoughts? While some might not be direct opposites, the ideas/meanings displayed are still opposing. 


Jenni said...

Well, "first of all," (to use a cliched phrase, hee), time doesn't heal all wounds so that one's plain silly. But it sounds good to people so I think that's why it's lasted. It's soothing.
And the one I love is "I could care less," which we misuse, because we're supposed to be saying "I COULDN'T care less..." I mean, if you could care less, then that means you care at least an iota, right? hee.
I think cliches really clog up our writing since they don't make us think for ourselves, because you are right--they don't even make sense sometimes. A stitch in time saves nine? WHAT? JK--who says that? Still, some are going to last forever because they are worthy.

Mandy said...

Nicely put, Miss J.