Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visions of Weddings

I am a girl, and I can't help having ideas of what my wedding day will one day look like. While I know it is very far off (probably should find the guy first!), I can't help but still dream of "the day". I also love photography (getting ready to purchase a new, very expensive lens, and I am soooo excited about it!), and hope to one day (hopefully sooner than later) will have my own photography business. Needless to say, I love looking at others' photographs, especially when they are of the most important day of peoples' lives. Below are my favorite pictures from the brilliant Rebecca Thuss. Check her out, she is pretty incredible!

There are a lot of pictures, so be prepared to sit in awe.


I will most likely get married outside, with a trail of petals comparable to this! Isn't it gorgeous?


I like the flowers pinned on with the rings. I have never seen it done this way before. 


While I already have an idea of what my "favors" will be, if you have something that needs a bag, aren't these perfect?


Delicate and ruffly! Very exotic.


Also, if outside like I hope, I would so use this idea to display the place cards. 


These invitations are sweet and more modern than most. No clue what invitations will look like for mine (obviously), but I just liked these. I actually went with my best friend Mary Elizabeth today to place print order for her invites! 


Love this. I want my tables to look like this. Very romantic. 


Candy is a must. 


I love candy, how cool is this display? And the one below?



Beautiful cake. 


I absolutely adore this dress. It should be known that my dress will be a little crazy, but I will think it is beautiful, and that is what matters right??

If I ever get my forest wedding that I fantasize about, this cake would be soooo cool! I love how different it is. How many others would have a cake like this?


Ideal for a winter wedding!!


So simple and yet so magnificent. 


More candy. 

To those who aren't married, what do you plan for your wedding? For those who are married, what did you love most about your wedding (other than marrying the love of your life, of course)? Did you do something really different and innovative at your wedding? 


Jenni said...

Okay, that dress is the coolest EVER. Like... WHAT? I need that now. For Paris. Hee. We have to walk down the Champs Elysees in that. I mean, for REAL. I am in so much love I can't even... Who needs a groom? I'd marry THAT? And I always wanted to walk on just orchid petals. Or I guess any petals, though I was like, I don't want them staining the bottom of my dress! Because you know I will be wearing that sucker to Wal-Mart. heh. Love the orchid cake, OF course... But is it any shocker I love your taste? Duh. Now that you've put up all this wedding-y stuff... well, maybe I'll have to put some ideas up that I have stored (though most of mine are in a dorky folder from years ago with a cat on it, how sad), so we can discuss! hmmm. The candy is so cute...

Jenni said...

Okay, I have to write again... I am in awe... Where is that dress FROM? omg! hee

Anonymous said...

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