Sunday, March 16, 2008

V. Mars

Did you ever watch? I never had the WB/CW growing up (thank goodness I have it now, or I would be missing so much more!), so I didn't watch Veronica Mars when it was actually on TV. A dear friend, Miss Jenni, loaned me all 3 seasons, and I LOVE it! It is wonderful. Not only is photography involved (a huge plus), but she has amazing wit and sarcasm mixed with a little bitterness. She is gorgeous, smart and she is a private investigator in high school. Amazing stuff. I recommend. 

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Jenni said...

Oh, my poor Veronica! How I miss you so! I loved V and L so much. People called their relationship LoVe, Logan and Veronica. But she's the coolest heroine ever--I was a big BTVS fan, but Veronica doesn't have any "powers," just her own awesome mind! I wrote so many angry "anti-cancel" letters! hee.