Sunday, May 18, 2008

True Talent

I respect David Gray as one of the best artists of our time. He is incredible. Every time is a good time to listen to one of his masterpieces. Obviously, as a lover of music, I have several favorites, but Mr. Gray is very near the top for me (if not at the top).

Who is it that you can't get enough of?

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Jenni said...

I can never hear that song too much. I love it on that Dawson's Creek ep where Pacey has the shaved head (BAD) and Joey promises to help him with school. I looooove that song! Aah. It used to be my ring tone for someone, GAG--NO longer. I can't get enough of David Cook right now! Ha. And of course George Strait, Garth Brooks, Ray Charles... I like so many other random songs by newer artists, but I can't get enough of the oldies. I'm weird.