Friday, December 5, 2008

Designed Meaning

So I have wanted a tattoo for quite some time. Here's my issue, I don't want a tattoo just to have a tattoo. I want something full of meaning and symbolism. Something that means something to me. Above is Heidi Klum's tattoo, which I love! It says "Seal" in an artsy script and the 3 stars next to his name are for each of their children. Apparently the dark brown ink of the tattoo matches Seal's skin tone. How fascinating is that? I like that Angelina Jolie has the latitude and longitude of her son's (Maddox) birthplace. I have always thought it was cool when men tattoo wedding bands (not all women can pull that off, but then again, not all men can either). Klum said, "I am not afraid of forever." How wonderful is that?

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Jenni said...

I would want one with a French or Italian phrase! I've always wanted something romantic on my wrist, really small, or behind my neck, written in beautiful script. Or else a really important date. The roman numeral four, perhaps... HA! I think it is really neat how people get their kids' names or wedding ring tattoos UNDER their regular rings, just as the sign of permanance, like your post said... But then again, it all depends on how subtle the tats are and where you put them. Because most places go south!! Ugh.