Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Biodegradable Products

This stuff is so cute and Eco-friendly!! They have blankets, pillows, scarves, etc. I love it!

"We are driven by the belief that good design is sustainable design. So we go to great lengths to ensure that all the raw materials that go into making our textiles have as little (if any) negative environmental impact as possible. This ensures that our products are fully biodegradable. At the end of their useful life, LoooLo textiles can be safely put into a composter and, within one year, be reabsorbed by the earth." ---from the LoooLo site

Although it is kind of pricey, I do love the whole idea behind these products. You can buy them at a few different websites, but I like this site (which also has other wonderful products by other companies/designers).

This chandelier is from vivavi.

There is a lot of other wonderfully cute things there too! So be sure to check it out!!

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Emily said...

very cool stuff!!