Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shroud of Turin

So how many people have heard of this? I am a Christian and I have grown up learning and hearing about all that that implies, but I never knew about this. In case there are others that were uninformed, like myself, I want to fill you in! The "Shroud of Turin" as it is referred to is located in Turin, Italy (now a place I must visit!). This is an ancient death shroud that was used to cover a dead body. Now here's when it gets crazy. On the shroud itself you can see a slight picture of a man's face. On the negative of the picture taken of the shroud the face (as you can see) is undoubtedly there. So why does it show up more on the negative, than the photograph made? This isn't a hoax, historians have been studying this for years. There are blood stains on the shroud: lashings on the back, punctures on the head from a crown of thorns, and punctures in the hands as well. The marks in the hands are not of the crucifixion which is often depicted today, but where they actually did nail the bodies; through the wrist (not the palms). Historians do know that this was, in fact, a death shroud from the period in which Jesus is said to have existed (which I of course believe he did exist). Also, it is clearly a shroud which was used to cover a body that had been crucified similar to that of Jesus. So the question remains: Did this shroud actually cover Jesus' body prior to the resurrection? Perhaps, we will never really know, but I think it is definitely interesting to think about.

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