Saturday, July 28, 2007

Solution for Bleach Spots

So, have you ever had a favorite shirt, that somehow, among all of your shirts was the only one to get bleach stains on it? Then, if you are anything like me, you hang on to it....keep telling yourself you will wear it to sleep in or something, but then you never do, mainly because it is covered with white spots. Well, I found these markers in which I am extremely anxious to try! I don't know how well they work (because I haven't used them yet!), but at the point of which your shirt is already beyond repair, it can't hurt right? They are called Tria System Pantone Markers. They are a little over $4 each on this website I found. They come in several shades, so hopefully, even if your shirt is a different hue, you can match it! Wash your shirt (make sure all the bleach is gone!) then fill in spots with marker. Let it absorb in for about a day, and then launder as usual. These are not supposed to bleed on any other fabric, but I recommend washing the garment by itself the first time. Just another reason for our society to stop being so wasteful!!

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