Friday, September 28, 2007

Shower Time

So, one of my best friends, Patti, is getting married in December, and I decided to throw her a lingerie shower. Problem is, I have NEVER thrown a shower, and there are no other bridesmaids here to help (nor do I know them very well), so it is all up to me! AH!
has a bunch of cute, beautiful shower and wedding invitations. There is much more of a selection online, but the invitations I ended up buying aren't online (they are super cute though!). So, I need suggestions/help as far as decorations and games go!

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Emily said...

i am sitting here trying to come up with things to help: I had SO many showers you would think I could. My favorite things were: champagne at one shower (other than my bachelorette) b/c i was always nervous even if it was just my close friends- opening present in front of people was tough and a glass of champagne helped.

Also the best game I played was I had to put on all the clothes "we would take on our honeymoon" blind folded. She had like her husbands swim suits in the suit case. You could do like funny underwear- its funny at the end with all the layers on.

Thats all I have right now. If I think of something else I'll let you know!! good luck!