Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Crush

So the show Gossip Girl is really growing on me, and I like it more and more every week. Probably because their fashion is impeccable. Also, I have a major school girl crush on this guy.

His actual name is Penn Badgley and his character name is "Dan Humphrey". I probably mostly think he is cute because of his character on the show.

Ok, so all the guys are cute on the show. This is Ed Westwick or "Chuck" who is the jerk on the show.Chace Crawford is the other male character, "Nate". He is a little too pretty for me, but I am sure many think he is hot.

If you haven't tuned in, and you like fashion (and drama), check it out!!


K said...

Sorry to tell you this but Dan Humphrey and I have had a secret relationship going on since the show started. So... hands off!

Mandy said...

um, no. he is totally and completely MINE kristen, and i will fight you for him.

Cameron said...

i haven't watched gossip girl, but i have been watching dirty sexy money and i love it! and i'm going to watch cashmere mafia in december by the people who did sex and the city.