Tuesday, November 6, 2007

J Crew My Love

Beautiful color!

Love the neckline.

Love this shade of blue.

This dress (above and below) is just completely fabulous!

Want this wonderful purse.

Aren't these great?

So I am scheduled for a hot air balloon ride this weekend (YAY!) and I would love to have this necklace (above) or bracelet (below) as a "souvenir". I think I like the blue better.

How great are these? I might have to get them!! I think they are too cute!

All from J Crew.


K said...

I think the necklace would be a wonderful souvenir for a balloon ride! How lucky are you? I want to go for a ride in a hot air balloon. I love that plaid dress with the ruffle neck! Amazing!! I like everything really but I LOVE that purse. Does it come in other colors? I don't know if I'm ready for a yellow purse yet.

Jenni said...

Okay, I want all of these! Wow! I am in love with yellow, so the bag is screaming my name. I don't ever think of J.Crew as for more than just basics, I guess, so to see the dressed-up stuff is so cool!!! The plaid dress, I'm like you, Kristen... LOVE!!! I am a sucker for plaid, and throw in some ruffles, eeeee!! Mandy, that balloon necklace is perfect!!! You need that!! Did I tell you one came over our house? A man wanted to ride in one for his 80th birthday! lol

cyberpenguin said...

You have good taste. Love the blue sweater too! Bright yellow is a really hot color right now for handbags. Don't you just love the bright colors of JCrew?!

Speaking of which, I just reviewed a few of the latest spring items on my JCrewaholics-R-Us blog if you'd like to check it out (http://jcrewaholics.blogspot.com). Since you seem to love JCrew, I think you'd really get a kick out of this blog, as it's dedicated entirely to JCrew. It's "JCrew 24/7, baby!" ;-)

BTW, I can vouch for the fabulousness of the dress - I own it & absolutely LOVE it. ;-)

So come on over for a visit! Would love to hear your commentary about the latest JCrew fashions.....