Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hairspray Fun

So I finally got to go see Hairspray tonight with three wonderful girls! I love making new friends, and I have the feeling that I might have made a few tonight. The Movie Tavern in Lexington might be one of the coolest movie experiences I have had. If anyone hasn't been, and wants to, let me know! I mean, you get to eat while you watch a movie (and this is real food we are talking about, not just "snacks"). I have already made plans with my friend Marcus to go sometime soon!

Oh James Marsden here is in Hairspray...and I have pretty much had a crush on him since the Notebook and X-Men.

A new crush might be developing on Mr. Zac Efron here. He is only 19...is that wrong of me? He is just such a cutie. Now I must see High School Musical like my best friend Katie keeps suggesting. Perhaps I will be purchasing that very soon!


Cameron said...

oh my gosh when i left hairspray the first time, the first thing i said was that i need to watch High School Musical!! haha! that's so funny!

Emily said...

loved it! we can't stop talking about it at work and we have listened to songs online! so glad we all got to go! it was fun and we will have to do it again!