Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Sunday 10

I stole this idea from Emily, because I loved it so much!

10 things I will never do again...

10. Graduate college (at least not with a Bachelors degree)
9. Buy a strapless dress (you may see me wear some already purchased, but they really annoy me, and honestly, aren't very flattering in my opinion)
8. Assume something is easy
7. Try Wasabi or eat black licorice
6. Live in Bowling Green, Kentucky (a wonderful college town, or if you are older and retired, but there isn't much there other than Western)
5. "Wing it" when cooking (there was a pumpkin roll incident that went very wrong...along with many others)
4. Debate a topic that I don't care about
3. Think flowers are pointless (from someone you care about, they most definitely are not pointless...and yeah, they die, but they brighten your day for the time being)
2. Think being with my parents is lame (like we all did in middle school)
1. Doubt myself

1 comment:

Emily said...

I second the dress, black licorice, & my parents are totally cool!