Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bonjour Paris!

It is no secret that I LIVE to TRAVEL! I love it, and I can't get enough. Not only does it expand my knowledge, intellect, and cultural experience; it is a WONDERFUL photo-op! I went to Italy a few years ago, and I have been yearning to journey back to Europe. France is next on my list and me and my best friend, Jenni, are headed there in October!! Much much much more to come on this topic, I assure you.


Jenny F said...

Paris is great! I was there almost one year ago, in October as well.
Anyways, Paris is really charming and has such a lovely feeling in the autumn. I was surprised cause it was quite warm even though it was autumn. :) No need for jackets. :)
I hope you'll have a great time there!

Jenni said...

I still absolutely cannot fathom that we were there! M! When did it happen! In a belle reve (beautiful dream)????