Thursday, July 3, 2008

Twilight 12.12.08

I could not be more excited for this movie! I think they almost perfectly nailed the Edward character. Bella, I am still iffy about. On rare occasions do books and movies clearly align. Regardless, Robert Pattinson seems to be a solid match.


Cameron said...

aw i do have to say that i vehemently oppose your opinion about edward. haha. i am considering not going to see the movie because i think they are so off on edward. it really upset me the first time i saw the preview. that's just not what he looks like. you're actually the first person i've talked to who thinks they got it right. i'm glad somebody thinks they did, though!! and no matter what i'm happy that you're reading the books!!

Mandy said...

That is funny! I was mad about Bella instead of Edward (and many of the Cullens: Alice (wrong), Jasper (wrong), Rosalie (wrong), Esme (wrong) and Carlisle (wrong)). Haha. I am iffy about the movie, but I am still excited to see it. Must keep in mind that movies are usually different than the books, and rarely even close to being as good! Can you believe how much involvement Meyer has with the movie? I expected the characters to me much closer because of her!