Thursday, July 3, 2008

Twilight: The Series

It has been some time now that I haven't been able to get myself into reading again. I LOVE to read, but I have been struggling as of late. I never fancied myself a "vampire enthusiast", that is until this brilliant series presented itself. I want to be friends with vampires, or better yet, I want to be a "vegetarian" vampire myself. If you think I'm nuts, you haven't read these books, have you? I was immediately sucked in. I lived the moments that Bella lived (and is still living, as I have yet to finish the series...quite possible that I will finish this weekend, as I intend). I fell in love, I cried, I feared: incredible. I hope that one day I may write a book, and even if one person feels the way I feel about these books, I will consider it a success. If you have not partaken in the splendid stories, please do, and if you have, relish in the expansion of your imagination.

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Cameron said...

i love it that you are reading these!!! i heard about it from a friend in morehead and ended up making like everyone i know read them!! they really do take you by surprise, even if you aren't a vampire kind of person like evidently i am (buffy, etc.). haha

anyway i'm glad you're enjoying them!!! some friends and i are planning on having a twilight halloween party!! you'll have to come!!