Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ten Thousand Villages

If you have not heard of Ten Thousand Villages, you MUST check out their website (I also have it linked under my favorites). One of my fashion teachers told me about this store a couple years ago and I checked it out online the moment I got home. The concept of the company is brilliant. Their mission is to go over into countries and teach people a trade, then they buy the merchandise from these people (at a fair price that they agree on with the makers, practicing "fair trade") and sell it here in America. The idea is really smart, and these people are actually getting paid a wage that they deserve so that they may make a living for themselves.

I love both of these, but there are tons more I love as well. A lot of the items are things you would find at Pier1 and other stores like that. I encourage you to use this website for gifts and yourself! I love it.

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