Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Johnny has always been my favorite actor. This is him at the premiere for Sweeney Todd (I can't wait for it!). Depp and Tim Burton were on the Today show, well today, and Depp was talking about how he had only seen 2 of the 6 Tim Burton films he has been in. He said he doesn't really like to watch himself. I thought that was soo cool!

Love Gossip Girl, and love Blair's wardrobe. Apparently, I like Leighton Meester's real life wardrobe as well!

I love antique engagement rings! How gorgeous is Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt's? Love!

All from Just Jared.


Jenni said...

That ring has been in his family a 100 years or something--gorgeous!!!!

Jenni said...

Oh, and p.s. Leighton's dress is totally your color!!!

Emily said...

i love the ring too. what a wonderful thing to pass down