Thursday, December 6, 2007

Future Home?

Another find from An Indian Summer...
(Sorry this blog is dominating my posts today! But it is wonderful!!)

Doesn't this look like something straight out of The Shire? It is an actual eco-friendly house that people live in! I love it. Sure it is a bit out of the ordinary, but could you be any closer to nature?

Below is the family that owns this wonderful home! This is the home of Simon Dale in Wales.

In couple's own words: "The attempt to find a synergy with nature is the approach that we are using to design systems for living. These systems include buildings, food production, waste and water systems and much more. When we are working with rather than against nature, the rest of nature works with us and things become easy. This is Permaculture."

"Take one baby, a toddler and a building site. Mix well with a generous helping of mud, combine with 6 weeks of solid welsh rain whilst living under canvas. Do this in candle light without a bathroom or electricity for three months. Chuck in living with your father for good measure. Top with an assortment of large slugs. The result a hand crafted home of beauty, warmth and health for about £3,000.
Having children is a major motivation for buying a house. Combine the rigours of looking after young children and meeting demanding mortgage payments in today’s climate and you have a recipe for stress. Then add to this concern about toxic materials that are inherent in most buildings, and exposing your precious babies to them is a cocktail of dismay. This would sum up the options before our family before we decided to take the plunge and go off the beaten track "

Aren't these kids so adorable?

This is an amazing find! Thanks to An Indian Summer for bringing it to my attention!


Jenni said...

This reminds me of Shrek's house! aww

Anonymous said...

hey love your house, we are about to start a house for our family in Greece and seeing yours motivate us a lot :) thanks