Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh 'Marie Antoinette' Wonderland...

I have watched this movie soooo much, and I love it. This movie is just so pretty... the wardrobe alone is outstanding! If I acted, I would want to be in this movie. A period piece would be such a dream!!

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Jenni said...

I didn't even like the movie too much, because Jason Schwartzman gets on my nerves soooo much, but I was in love with every scene of this film. Absolute beauty.... This is how I wish every woman still dressed. Though I would not want a bunch of women helping me do it! ha. LOVE!
Oh, and the scene where she's shopping and the shoes and stuff are all candy colored and it's basically girl heaven?? And then when she's with her daughter in the field with the animals? Gorgeous.