Thursday, February 22, 2007

Addicted to Hills

Okay, so for anyone who knows me, they know that I absolutely cannot get enough of "The Hills". I know it may be horrible to a lot of people, but I am always mesmerized when it is on. It was on Monday, and even though it is Thursday now, I still want to weigh in my opinion about this week's episode. I feel so bad for Heidi (if you don't watch the show, just ignore this post). I mean, to the viewers she looks so dumb to keep taking back the jerk-idiot "boyfriend" of hers, but she isn't seeing everything that we are. Although, she should trust her friends a little more and know that they have no motive to break them up, other than genuinely being afraid that Heidi will get crushed. I must say, Spencer is quite the jerk, and I don't even think anything about him looks real! I really want to like Heidi, but she is making it hard right now. At least, Lauren was honest with her, I would hope my friends would do the same (and I know they would!).

Okay, enough venting about some dumb show. Anyone else who watches, feel free to voice your opinions!!

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