Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Artfully Wonderful

So I am a HUGE art lover for those of you who don't know. Some of my favorite moments in life have occurred because of or around art. From Botticelli in Italy to Monet in Nashville...art has had a profound impact on me. I love to paint and make things, so I am pretty sure that my tendency for creative strategies is provoked by my love of art. For each person, every art piece can mean something different. I will be honest in saying that there are several pieces of artwork that I may look at and not understand at all, while there are others that just "look cool". These pieces are irrelevant to me. The ones that evoke emotion are the ones that should be praised and hanging on your wall!!

This site is really good and even better? The shipping is FREE! I mean, how many things can you really get for free anymore??

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