Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"It Gives You Wings"

So I am insanely in love/addicted to Red Bull....and I have really started to get away from it (partly b/c it is so expensive, and I think I became immune----so now I am more of a coffee person, ha!). Today, I was so exhausted because I just didn't sleep well last night, so I have my "emergency stash" in the back of the fridge to get me through those slightly-harder days, and I grabbed one for the road. I was subbing for 4th graders today and I had this boy who swore up and down that I was not allowed to have Red Bull in school because in contained alcohol! I didn't know what to say. I am pretty sure his parents told him that (because of the amount of caffeine) so that he wouldn't pester them about getting So I told him it did not have alcohol and it was OK for me to drink...but he wasn't buying it. He kept trying to argue, and finally I said if it had alcohol, you wouldn't have ever been able to drink it (which he said he had before), and then he proceeds to tell me he has had beer before.....from there I was stumped. For all I know he was telling me the truth, or lying out of his butt....I just told him to go sit down!

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